Our commitments
100% of eco-friendly fabrics

Our entire production chain, from cotton cultivation, to weaving and to clothing, is GOTS certified.

GOTS is the global benchmark certification to guarantee the organic character of textiles from the harvest of raw materials to labeling, in order to provide you with a reliable guarantee.

We also recycle our fabric scraps as much as possible in order to offer you nice little accessories and extend the life of our fabrics:)

Quality to last

Unlike fast fashion, our products are made for


... and be passed on to your next baby.:)

The colors do not fade.

The fabrics do not deform

The finishes do not move.

Yazah is there to live in time.

2 certifications for more ethics

The well-being of our own children is not the only one that concerns us.

In addition to the GOTS label, the workshop we work with is SA 8000 certified. This is the main social certification standard for factories and organizations around the world.

The SA 8000 standard analyzes working conditions according to eight important criteria. It reflects the relative provisions contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Fashion, fashion, fashion.

Yazah is above all a fashion brand with a

trend-setting offer.

No more dog ears and dinosaur scales.

Let your creativity and your difference emerge .

Here, we do not follow the trend ... we create it.