Zero waste ? What's that ?

It is a concept based on minimizing our waste production to better protect the planet and limit its ecological footprint! Here are five essential steps that should not be overlooked!

"REFUSE everything you don't need" In this case, the ultimate word that should come to your mind is minimalism. This has become a large-scale trend. The goal is to limit any type of waste. For example, refuse plastic bags in supermarkets and opt for paper bags. Or refuse to receive advertising in your mailboxes by putting “STOP ADS” stickers on your boxes.

"REDUCE what you need or cannot refuse" In a few words, it is simply a question of adopting a balanced consumption to our needs. For example, opt for fruits and vegetables without a plastic bag. Or even, for your bathroom, make your own cosmetic products to reduce your impact on the environment.

"REUSE WHAT CAN BE" Nowadays it is important to favor reusable containers. Whether in green or fabric. For example, opt for a cotton tote bag for shopping or plastic bottles.

"RECYCLE everything that needs to be recycled" A lot of waste ends up in the wrong trash! Check with your municipality who can give you a prospectus indicating how you must recycle and the days when garbage collectors intervene. At home, don't forget to sort packaging, glass, cardboard and compostable waste !

"COMPOST everything else, about 30% of your trash" Here we are ! Transform your peelings, apple core or even damaged fruits and vegetables into fertilizer for your plantations !