Prepare the nursery

Prepare the baby's room at least 3 months before his arrival.

By preparing the room well in advance, the pollutants associated with paint, work and new furniture will have had time to dissipate.

Choose a vegetable paint

Whenever possible, try to opt for solvent-free paints to minimize toxic fumes. While it is advisable to use water-based paints, there are also paints based on non-petroleum vegetable resin, as is often the case. 

Choose the right flooring for the nursery.

On the ground, use parquet instead of carpet. If you opt for a carpet favor natural fibers.

Air out the baby's room every day, even in winter

Airing 10 minutes a day renews the air in the room. Remember that the ideal temperature for sleeping in a bedroom is 18 C. Also to remember: from 19 C, dust mitesiens proliferate and at 20C, formaldehyde begins to be released into the air. And do not forget: no essential oils diffused in the air before 3 years.s.

Textile and mattress

Let the mattresses air out of the packaging for several days before use..

Interior textiles are dyed and have often undergone numerous anti-crease, anti-stain, anti-dust mite treatments, etc. They are less well regulated than clothing. Wash them at least once before use.on.

Cotton items may contain traces of pesticides. The wash before use label often indicates the presence of